close is one the most advanced online food ordering portals available on the net. It incorporates hundreds of features ensuring smooth-and-easy restaurant search and ordering:
  • A complete multi-hub portal (aka eBay)
  • Restaurant map search relative to your location
  • A variable access multi-admin back-end
  • Ordering time options (advanced and current)
  • Different menus available on different week days
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Where do you go today to make your dreams of the new Internet venture true? Are you after quality bonded together with reliability and expertise? Whatever your business needs are, as little or as much as you require, we will help. By helping customers of all sizes solve their Internet problems, ABC Web Group has grown from a small boutique to a full service provider offering a wide range of Web-based technology solutions. While you may find many excellent web development teams, there is something unique about ABC Web Group:




Covering all the aspects of the Internet development we will make sure that your entire project is professionally designed, developed and maintained. This means that you do not need to hire one company to construct a database and another company to design look-n-feel or develop programming codes. We deliver the total scope of your project, its complete cycle.


How many web developers would provide a few months free support? Not so many. We will not only offer you a free unconditional support and maintenance, but also include the extended (life-time) warranty against bugs and malfunctions. The reason why we can do this so easily relies on the two factors: the top quality of our products and the highest expertise of our staff.


Our team includes not only web designers, but database architects, PHP and AJAX programmers, Internet marketers and business analysts, flash and 3D animators and digital video artists. We never outsource our projects and use only full-time personnel, while all the developments are done exclusively in-house. We do not employ amateurs or freelancers; all our employees are seasoned professionals with an average experience of 10-15 years in the field.

Latest technologies

One of our key principles states that “every new site should be better than previous.” It may be achieved only by continuously incorporating new technologies and techniques. In 2006 we developed the first Australian real estate portal powered by the Google interactive mapping. Last year we created the first fully AJAXified eCommerce and community portals. Our leading REA real estate framework is constantly evolving. We do it not because we are asked by the customers, but because this is the only way to move forward.

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